Enjoy Thanksgiving Responsibly. Eating With Diabetes.

Good ole November. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooling off, and many families are preparing for cheerful holidays, pumpkin-spiced everything, and of course Thanksgiving dinner. Covid-19 may change how big our Thanksgiving celebrations are this year, however, the foods we enjoy will still be making their usual appearance. Celebrations like these can make it very tempting to eat foods that we know are bad can negatively impact our blood sugar levels, so we’ve included some foods below that you should avoid, and some alternatives, as well as some food strategies to help you stay disciplined while still enjoying the holidays.

Foods to Limit Foods to Enjoy
Canned cranberry sauce Whole-wheat, veggie-filled stuffing
Sweet potatoes/ yams with marshmallow topping Whole grain bread
White bread and processed flours Lean meats
Mashed Potatoes Roasted vegetables
Plain store-bought stuffing Sweet potatoes with meringue
Desserts Homemade cranberry sauce sweetened with stevia

Smart Eating Strategies For Thanksgiving

Portion Control: Being able to eyeball how much food you should be eating is key for just everyday eating. Check out our really easy guide to the Plate Method for a helpful way of controlling your portions.

Skip the appetizers: Most appetizers are high in carbs. If you’re hungry and can’t wait until dinner time, opt for crudite and other low-calorie, low-carb options.

Go for the turkey: Turkey is a great source of carb-free lean protein, and is high in other nutrients as well. Just make sure to limit the gravy, as it can be high in carbs and fat.