Medtronic Diabetes Pump

What is an Insulin Pump

An insulin pump is a small device that is attached to your body and delivers insulin through a tube called an Infusion Set. This small electronic device is about that size of a smartphone and can discreetly attach to your clothing, or fits in your pocket. Insulin pumps are a very discreet way of receiving insulin therapy. Insulin pumps replace the need for frequent injections by delivering insulin continuously 24 hours a day.

How Does the Medtronic Diabetes Insulin Pump Work?

What Are The Benefits of Insulin Pump Therapy?

A diabetes insulin pump is a convenient way to manage your day to day diabetes treatment. Other advantages an insulin pump may provide over multiple daily injections include:

  • better HbA1c Control
  • fewer hypoglycemic events
  • reduction in glycemic variability

Are You a Current Patient and Need Help With Your Insulin Pump?

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